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A new BlogRush blog has been created for all of your BlogRush informational needs :)
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BlogRush Has Lauched!

After a few delays, John Reese was able to get everything sorted out to launch BlogRush. Go check it out by clicking here.

What Is BlogRush?

To put it simply, BlogRush is a 100% free service that can help bring traffic to your blog which in turn can lead to long time dedicated readers of your blog.

"Using RSS technology and some of our own, we’ve built an amazing platform to help bloggers receive “mass distribution” for their content across the Internet. And our system doesn’t spam or abuse the Internet in anyway. And it doesn’t try and ‘game’ Google either." Quoted from

By simply placing a small piece of code on your blog, a sidebar widget will load and show 5 different blog post titles to another blog. These blog post titles will be linked (opening in a new window :) to that particular blog. You won't have to worry about unrelated blogs, as all of the blogs that show on your widget will be related to the same topic as your blog through the use of the BlogRush Network.

And it gets better...

Each time the widget is loaded on your blog, one of your latest blog posts will be shown on the widget of another blog.

And it gets even better...

Every time you refer someone to BlogRush, your "
blog now earns additional “syndication credit” on all the traffic that the referring blog produces".

You can join BlogRush by clicking right here.

Who Else Wants To Join BlogRush?

I can't believe I actually said that :)

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